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 Do You know the difference between two main opposite kinds of marijuana - Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica ? Have You ever experienced real pure sativa smoke ? If not I envy You because You have most unique and exciting marijuana experience still waiting for You ...

The Africa marijuana seeds strains are recognized worldwide for its quality, yield and effect. The plants are nearly all Sativas, but finish flowering as early as September in northern latitudes. They are tall and elegant looking with long slender leaves and pale green buds. They often develop pink and purple tones at maturity. They tend to have a spicy flavor range from earthy to sweetfruity.
The high of a Sativa is cerebral, creative, communicative, up and energetic. Let Your imagination spread the wings and surf on that great wave !

The team has selected the most famous original African marijuana strains: Durban Poison and Nigeria(Malawi), as well as two most energetic sativa strains breeded in Netherlands: Haze and Silver Haze. We offer You three best African european crosses: Swazi x Skunk, Haze19 x Skunk and Maroc x Skunk. Mixed Sativa is available too, our best selling mix of different sativa seeds. These all come directly from South African growers and are guaranteed to be the highest quality Genetics from their respective pure seed lines.

African cannabis sativa smoke is what we love,
sativa seeds are what we offer You !

African Marijuana Seeds Team

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